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1st EMA Invest | May 1999
Investing into Emerging Markets
Guests of Honour:
Mrs Ma Xiuhong, Vice-Minister of Foreign Trade of China (MOFTEC)
WAIPA, World Association of Investment Promotion Agencies


2nd EMA Invest | September 2000
Innovative Solutions to Finance Development
Guests of Honour:
IFC – Place financière de Genève
Self Employed Women’s Association (


3rd EMA Invest | September 2001
Development and New Technologies
Guests of Honour:
Mr Abdoulaye Wade, president of the Republic of Senegal
Smart Capital (Pool of Swiss and international start-ups specialised in new technologies)


4th EMA Invest | January 2003
Planet SME
Guests of Honour:
Mr Marc Ravalomanana, President of the Republic of Madagascar
Mr Pierre Moussa, Minister of Planning for the Republic of Congo
The Aid & Trade salon, organised by the Winchester group


5th EMA Invest | May 2004
Financing Projects
Guests of Honour:
Mr Paramanga Ernest Yonli, Prime Minister of Burkina Faso
The City of Hanoï
The Francophone Business Forum


6th EMA Invest | June 2005
Aiming for a Multi-polar Globalisation
Guests of Honour:
Mr Hugo Chavez, President of the Republic of Venezuela
Eurasian Business Summit in collaboration with Leading Ventures Associates (


7th EMA Invest | November 2006
The Emergence of African Finance
Guests of Honour:
Mr Ely Ould Mohamed Vall, President of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania
Mr Ephraim Inoni, Prime Minister of the Republic of Cameroon
African Finance


8th EMA Invest | October 2010
The Emergence of African Economies and The Economic Francophone World
Guests of Honour:
Mr Boni Yayi, President of Benin
Francophone economists