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Among the speakers of the 9th EMA Invest forum…

Julien Devaux, CFA Julius Bär Bank

The leading private management bank in Switzerland, Julius Bär Bank announced on June 30, 2013 that it had 218 billion dollars under management and made a profit of 278 million dollars in the first quarter of 2013. To date, its activity in Africa remains modest and is essentially limited to three stock investment funds: JB EF Africa Opportunities-EUR A, JB EF Northern Africa-CHF A and JB Multiflex JB African Equity C. Julien Devaux, CFA, will discuss the Swiss bank’s vision for Africa and its development potential.

Nicolas CLAVEL, CEO, Scipion Capital

nik2Scipion Capital developed a commodities trade financing fund which has been doing very well. With the new Bale 3 rules and banks trending away from this activity, this new fund type will no doubt play an increasing role in international commodities trading.

Roger Gaillard, Infrastructural Project Financing Expert

Roger Gaillard has directed the Infrastructure and PPP department of the African Development Bank for long time. He will explain the mechanisms and tools provided by international financial institutions such as the ADB which offers numerous participation possibilities to finance African infrastructure in safe and profitable ways that are often unknown.

Alamine Ousmane Mey, Finance Minister of Cameroon

Alamine Ousmane Mey
Former Managing Director of the Afriland First Bank group, Mr. Mey will discuss Africa’s growing presence on the world market and how it can connect to international financing today.

Roland DOMINICÉ, CEO Symbiotics SA

Roland Dominicé
Symbiotics is a leading financial company in investment advising and providing information for the micro-finance sector. It offers innovative performances to investors and fund managers specialised in microfinance. Over 25 funds use its information, advising and management services to finance over a billion dollars in investments to some 170 micro-banks and over 400,000 small and medium enterprises in 41 emerging countries worldwide.

Heide Jimenez Davila, Head of Investor Services and Communications, Blue Ochard Finance

Blue Orchard is the global leader in commercial investments in microfinance. Using placement solutions and innovative financial instruments, Blue Orchard facilitates the flow between the private capitals markt and microfinance institutions. This is how Blue Orchard manages to generate an attractive return on investment while supporting the growth of millions of promising small companies.

Eric Vazey, Partner at Montavon Mermier Vazey Realini

An attorney-at-law from Geneva, Eric Vazey advises companies from emerging countries that are seeking to set-up business in Geneva as a gateway to international markets. He will be talking about what Geneva can bring to African commodities producers.

Lamine Kane, Managing Director of Novel Senegal

In the framework of President Macky Sall’s Rice Initiative, Novel is recreating in the Senegal River valley a project already implemented in Cote d’Ivoire. The PPP structure initiated for that purpose, Valnovel SA aims to produce 1.6 million tonnes of rice paddies in 2018. In collaboration with its international partners, the Novel Group will raise 250 million dollars for this project.

Jean-Claude Gandur, President of Addax & Oryx Group

Jean-Claude GANDUR
Founder of the AOG (Addax &Oryx Group), Jean-Claude Gandur, will present the biofuel project he developed in Sierra Leone which should produce 100,000 tonnes of ethanol by the end of the year. Managed in keeping with sustainability and social responsibility criteria, this investment represents 267 million euros and covers 14,300 hectares. The Genevese businessman plans to repeat this success story in other countries.

Rolf Kehlhofer, President of The Energy Consulting Group Ltd (Zurich)

Founder and CEO of The Energy Consulting Group out of Zurich, Rolf Kehlhofer: the company has extensive know-how and experience in building plants for various technologies, with a cumulative capacity of over 80,000 MW. It has handled operational and maintenance contracts for 26 production plants and managed the financing for energy projects totalling 15 billion euros. Its African clients include the Azito plant in Cote d’Ivoire.

Jaona RAVALOSON, Arborescence Capital

Arborescence Capital specialises in the design, structuring, implementation, negotiation and management of financing instruments required by energy sector infrastructure projects.

Ms. Patricia R. Francis

Patricia Francis

Patricia R. Francis, an award-winning leader and business facilitator, recently concluded seven years as Executive Director (June 2006-June 2013) of the International Trade Centre, the joint agency of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the United Nations (UN). She is currently on the advisory boards of IESE graduate business school, a member of the Eminent Persons Group reviewing the African Caribbean and the Pacific Group (ACP), a group created to examine options for transformation of the ACP relations with the European Union as well as a member of the advisory committee of ACE Global Depository. www.ace-group.net



For the first time in its history, Africa to lead global growth

There is a growing confidence and optimism among Africans about the progress and future of the continent,” states Ernst & Young in its Africa Attractiveness Survey 2013 report. “Several of these economies will follow the same development path as some Asian and other Rapid Growth markets have over the last 30 years.

Geneva’s financial community undergoes major changes

The cradle of private banking, Geneva currently has 140 banking establishments, 2,800 intermediary financial institutions and 700 independent wealth managers. However, for a few years, other activities have grown considerably. Geneva has become first in the world for commodities trading with over 500 trading companies including several world leaders. Geneva has also become a major hub for micro-financing and responsible social investing.